"Vancouver award winner filmmaker wants you to consider upcycling your wardrobe​​​​​​​" On The Coast CBC Radio with Margaret Gallagher
"Roxana Chapela is a Vancouver-based filmmaker who wants you to consider "Upcycling" your wardrobe to help fight climate change. This is part of her new film "Upcyclers: Fashion's Climate Frontliners" Our Vancouver CBC TV with Gloria Macarenko
"Roxana Chapela was awarded Best Message for “Upcyclers.” They believe that a sustainable circular economy is a solution." Diana Cavagnaro  SD News
The festival team even admitted to working from home to preserve the sustainable mentality and assured to continue expanding the vision of giving voice to brands and individuals who aim at shedding light on the environmental issues that matter. This year, the theme was present through uncomplicated references traced in Roxana Chapela's Upcyclers - Fashion's Climate Frontliners
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